Mourning Alan Slifka

Mourning Alan Slifka

Harold Shapiro, Honorary President of Meretz USA, asked me to post the following on his behalf:

I join all those who mourn the passing of Alan Slifka. I admired his passionate commitment to Arab-Israeli coexistence. When he founded the Alan B. Slifka Foundation through which he could impact his love for Israel and his commitment to Jewish life and coexistence, I knew this was a man I could talk to.

I did not have a personal relationship with him, but I had a deep respect for him. We had a professional relationship. As President of Meretz USA I called upon him for funding support. Always willing to see me, he was always cordial, a true gentleman. He was a man of few words but a man of his word.

In 1991 he published a definitive catalogue of all the groups working on co-existence. This proved to all the naysayers that there were partners on both sides. Alan was gracious enough to support Meretz USA, and I in turn became a supporter of the Abraham Fund. We will miss him.

–Harold Shapiro

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