Meretz USA Resources

Meretz USA Resources

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Election Resources

Check out background, polls, party platforms, and election analysis here.


Includes links to other websites (many of which contain resources and background materials) belonging to organizations that share our concerns. Also includes list of links to media and press resources that cover Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish World.

For Students

Our student page is intended to provide resources and background information for students writing papers relating to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict or other civil rights issues with which Meretz USA is concerned, and/or student groups looking for topics to discuss.

Hebron Watch

While our eyes remain focused on the “big picture” – the need for all parties to break the deadlock and resume meaningful negotiations on a two-state solution – we mustn’t forget that, day after day, the occupation continues to take its toll on the Palestinian population of the West Bank. The situation in Hebron is emblematic of all that is wrong in the occupied areas, where Israeli citizens maintain a privileged existence, alongside Palestinians denied fundamental civil and human rights. Hebron Watch is designed to spread the word about these settler abuses and to give you timely information on the situation. Check out Hebron Watch for the latest news.

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