Meretz USA mourns Carolyn Goodman

Meretz USA mourns Carolyn Goodman

Mother of slain civil rights worker, Andrew Goodman, Carolyn Goodman served on the board of Meretz USA in the late1990s. She was a lifelong activist for human rights and justice and our condolences go out to her surviving son, Jonathan, her extended family, and everyone whose passion for justice, like hers, is universal. Click here for AP obituary.

Stefi Kirschner, former director of the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation, wrote upon hearing of her passing:

Carolyn Goodman was indeed a lady, an activist in her own right, before and after the loss of her son Andy. She was an amazing woman, intelligent, caring and a wonderful friend and mentor to many who came to know her.

She served on the board of the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation for many years, certainly during my entire tenure from 1981 to 1991, but I know from the time Dov Sheba began coming to the States in the ’50s, he befriended Carolyn. Carolyn hosted every shaliach from the Kibbutz Artzi Federation, opening her home, her address book and of course she was a generous supporter as well.

She was a brilliant, caring, warm, wonderful lady, with a great sense of humor, a special touch, the ability to connect with all from different walks of life, different cultures, etc. She holds a special place in my heart; I will remember her always as I have continued to tell stories of Carolyn to my family.

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