Meretz Seeks Answers on Gaza

Meretz Seeks Answers on Gaza

Meretz MKs have asked the government to explain its goals and objectives in Gaza. Most pointedly, Yossi Beilin has asked whether the coalition has an exit strategy.

From its Hebrew-language website:
“Meretz-Yahad Chairman [Yossi Beilin] calls for authorizing Egypt to commence cease-fire negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

“Meretz-Yahad Chairman, Yossi Beilin, is calling on Olmert to accede to the proposal of the Palestinian government for a cease-fire.

“Beilin proposes to authorize Egypt to immediately commence negotiations with the Palestinian Authority for a comprehensive cease-fire, in the framework of which Gilad Shalit will be freed, the firing of Kassem rockets and terrorist actions will cease, while Israel, for its part, will terminate the military operation, the targeted prevention efforts [i.e., assassinations] and will free the Palestinian Ministers as well as the prisoners that it was about to free prior to the incident at Kerem Shalom.”

The following is from an article in the July 11 issue of Haaretz:

[Meretz] MK Zahava Gal-On … has asked the attorney general to instruct Olmert to report to the Knesset about the operation and efforts to secure Shalit’s release. Gal-On also called on Olmert to respond personally to the no-confidence motions discussed in the Knesset on Monday.

Gal-On said Olmert’s statements about Gaza indicate that the IDF is waging war, not carrying out sporadic operations in the Strip. If that is the case, she said, then Olmert is obligated to appear before the Knesset under the Basic Law on Government, which states: “The prime minister must transmit to the Knesset, as soon as possible, an announcement of a government decision to wage war.”

Our thanks to Charney Bromberg, Ron Skolnik and Lennie Grob for bringing these items to our attention.

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