Meretz party: End Gaza siege

Meretz party: End Gaza siege

At its convention on Sunday, June 6, the Meretz party issued the following policy decisions:

1. Meretz calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister in light of their direct responsibility for the thoughtless action on the Marmara vessel, which caused civilians to be killed and soldiers to be wounded.

2. Meretz calls for the establishment of a State Commission of Inquiry – to examine the chain of events.

3. Meretz calls on the government to lift the siege of Gaza immediately and to stop the collective punishment imposed on its residents.

4. Meretz calls on the government to carry out an exchange of prisoners and bring back Gilad Shalit without delay. Meretz demands that the International Red Cross be allowed to visit with Gilad Shalit immediately.

5. Meretz calls on the government to immediately enter into direct negotiations with the Palestinians to finalize the details of an agreement on the establishment of a Palestinian state, whose capital will be in East Jerusalem, on the basis of the Clinton parameters, the principles of the Geneva Initiative and the proposal of the Arab League.

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