Meretz party applauds Gaza ceasefire

Meretz party applauds Gaza ceasefire

June 17, 2008: Meretz party chair, MK Chaim Oron, expressed the hope that the reports of an agreement for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip are true. Oron stated: “In the current reality, this is the right solution for brining quiet to the communities situated in the vicinity of Gaza. The Israeli government, as well as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, must make every effort to maintain the ceasefire. Alongside this step, the negotiations with [Palestinian President] Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) and [chief Palestinian negotiator] Abu Ala (Ahmad Qurei) must be accelerated.”

More from the Meretz USA Web site:
A right-wing activist on Tuesday poured boiling water on MKs belonging to the Meretz party during a tour of the West Bank city of Hebron.

The incident occurred while Hebron setters clashed with the MKs and other members of a tour led by “Breaking The Silence,” an organization of demobilized Israel Defense Forces soldiers who document alleged harassment of Palestinians in the territories.

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