Meretz deplores Cabinet approval of loyalty oath

Meretz deplores Cabinet approval of loyalty oath

Following the Netanyahu Cabinet’s vote in favor of the Citizenship Law amendment, which would require an oath of loyalty from new non-Jewish citizens only (!!!), Meretz party chair, Haim Oron, issued the following statement:

“The [amendment to the] Citizenship Law takes the word ‘citizenship’ in vain, and is diametrically opposed to any civic or democratic approach.  Time after time, it becomes clear that [Avigdor] Lieberman’s agenda has become the guidelines and contour of action of the entire government.  It seems as if there is no moral or political abyss that this government won’t dive into, and it is now apparent that nothing will dislodge the Labor Party from the government.”

The original (in Hebrew) is at the Meretz page on Facebook, here.

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