Likud & Shas Delegation Visits Ramallah

Likud & Shas Delegation Visits Ramallah

My friend, Gil, sent me this news piece, “Likud, Shas members visit Ramallah.”  He wrote: “Friends, always believe in the impossible.”  I am saying, let’s see.  WE SURE HOPE SO.

Likud & Shas guests of PLO (Photo: Gil Yohanan) 

Dozens of leading activists and members of Likud and Shas held meetings with senior Palestinian officials in Ramallah, organized by the Geneva Initiative.  It’s not like a peace agreement is immediately in the offing.  For example, one Likudnik visitor advised the Palestinians to immediately build a state within temporary borders, a suggestion that was politely rejected by a high ranking Palestinian host, Nabil Shaath.

Much as he had done for Partners for Progressive Israel when we visited Ramallah last October, veteran PLO spokesperson “Yasser Abd Rabbo laid out before the attendees the history of the negotiations and noted that the two sides had been close to an agreement at the end of the tenure of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.” 

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