‘Liberal’ blogger … last time (I hope)

‘Liberal’ blogger … last time (I hope)

Phil Weiss has acknowledged that I’m correct about Joachim Martillo making antisemitic pronoucements: “…let’s be clear, Ralph Seliger has been going after me for endorsing Martillo. In this instance, he’s right.”

Still, this is after first praising Martillo in the same post for being “spot on” regarding another matter. Phil explains that this is why he links to Martillo on his blogroll; so I don’t expect him to stop linking. Even so, judging by comments posted by readers, some of Phil’s fans are giving him a hard time for even criticizing Martillo. And he’s merely criticizing Martillo, not denouncing him, because antisemitism is apparently not very troubling for Phil.

In Phil’s prior post (he copiously piles on posts like cordwood), cleverly entitled “The Neocon Shell Game Used Liberal Shells,” Phil is still cynically casting doubt on our motives regarding the Meretz USA decision that the Iraq war was not part of our mandate, despite my explanation.

McCarthy-like, he actually asked me to name names of who voted for and against. I don’t even recall who was in the room five years ago. I had to be one of the few board members at the time who hoped for the overthrow of Saddam (albeit entirely for humanitarian reasons). But as I told him in an email some months ago, once the UN Security Council had voted against military action, I felt that unilateral US-led action against Iraq was a bad idea.

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  1. Anonymous October 9, 2008 at 1:29 am - Reply

    This is an example of the sort of comments Phil Weiss’s blog contains:
    The Judeofascist will never be “reasoned” out of their malice, which is so deeply embedded in their psyches that it has produced multiple tumors. The cancer will have to by physically cut out and flushed, or sooner or later it is going to kill the entire patient, if the patient isn’t eliminated by gentiles first in a legitimate act of self-defense.

    Posted by: Ed | October 08, 2008 at 12:43 PM

    Ed is actually a psuedonym for Chris Moore at http://www.Libertariantoday.com and http://www.antiwar.com


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