Kristof on the ‘other Israel’—good & moral

Kristof on the ‘other Israel’—good & moral

I went to a leading edge Israeli film the other night, entitled “Andato.” It was a first feature of an Israeli filmmaker about a world without dreams, a dreamless society, and two dreamers who find each other, but are caught by security police and are made to forget how to dream. Shot in 35 mm stylistically it reminded me of the hard clunky industrial lines of the British film “Brazil.” I asked myself, what does it mean? A deep and disturbing film.

People in my life who I highly value have called my attention to this NY Times piece by Nicholas Kristof. It is a worthwhile read. And below, I include my friend Jonah’s comments about it:

You may have seen this [Kristof piece] already, and it’s hardly news to you, but I just had to share with you how glad I am that Kristof is telling it like it is: that the good and the bad exist together everywhere, no less in Israel. He always does so, and I’m a big fan, but this one struck me with particular force.

This is what I’m talking about when I say that I expect better of a Jewish state: these rabbis are upholding Jewish values at the same time that the settler/fundamentalist contingent is making a mockery of them. I know they are out there, and am hoping that they prevail over the forces of tyranny, racism, and corruption–much as I wish the same for people fighting injustice in the US or anywhere else.

It is a source of hope (and this is coming from a devout cynic) that Israeli Jews are taking a stand as to what their country should and should not represent, that they are refusing to give up in the face of desperately bad odds, and that people are paying attention. I maintain my position that a peace agreement is the only way of really overcoming the atmosphere of hatred and suspicion that permeates the whole damn Levant….

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