JJ Goldberg on Abbas, Israeli Security and Pete Seeger

JJ Goldberg on Abbas, Israeli Security and Pete Seeger

The Forward’s former editor in chief J.J. Goldberg, now its most prolific columnist and blogger, continues to provide a wealth of insights and background on events that impact us as Jews.  These are three recent examples:
  1. On Mahmoud Abbas:
This is a news flash for anyone who’s waiting to hear the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas declare publicly in Arabic that he’s ready to recognize and make peace with Israel. He said it. You can watch it here.

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/191658/abbas-tells-israeli-parley-peace-recognition-watc/#ixzz2sYIMveqO

     2. On Israeli security (JJ translates a newspaper analysis by Ephraim Sneh, a former high-ranking IDF general, Labor Party politician and two-time deputy minister of defense):

“A New Approach to the Jordan Valley”: Technology and Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian security cooperation make it possible to reduce to a minimum the need for an Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley within the framework of a peace agreement.
. . . Today, thanks to three developments, two of them technological and one substantive, it’s possible to protect [Israel’s] security needs in a manner that doesn’t conflict with the Palestinian desire for sovereignty, and hence prevent an agreement with them.  . . . 

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/191517/is-israel-safe-without-troops-on-jordan-river/#ixzz2rdTtAuik

     3. On Pete Seeger:

In the spring of 1998, Pete Seeger headlined a free concert in Central Park celebrating Israel’s 50th birthday, sponsored by the Cantors’ Assembly. The event prompted a critical press release from the Zionist Organization of America, protesting the Cantors’ Assembly’s giving a platform to a harsh critic of Israel.
The evidence for the prosecution was an ad to which Pete had added his name in 1982 or ’83, protesting Israeli actions in Lebanon. They could have come up with worse stuff if they’d known where to look (more on that later). But there was a flip side to Seeger’s record, and it was a lot longer and deeper.  . . .

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/191704/the-year-pete-seeger-didnt-sing-in-hebrew/#ixzz2sIBVNo3R

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