Israel’s summer of protest: Avishai, Walzer, et al.

Israel’s summer of protest: Avishai, Walzer, et al.

Yesterday (Aug. 15), Bernard Avishai participated with writer Etgar Keret and an extreme-right West Bank settler activist on Tom Ashbrook’s NPR “On Point” program.  I provide additional links to commentaries from Dissent magazine, which follow this from the Ashbrook program’s website:

    Israelis protest prohibitive housing costs. (AP)

    “Huge crowds. National uproar. Passion and politics in the streets. It’s not Egypt or Syria or Yemen or London this time, but Israel.
    In the last month, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have poured into the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and beyond to protest the cost of living, the cost of housing, the cost of cottage cheese –- and maybe a lot more. They’ve built a tent city and railed against tycoons and inequality. Shouted they want their country back. But back to what?
    This hour On Point: After the Arab Spring, we’ve got the Israeli Summer. What do Israelis want?”

    -Tom Ashbrook


    Etgar Keret, well- known Israeli author who has been involved in the recent protests. He’s author of several short story collections, three graphic novels, and a children’s book. He has also written extensively for film and television. His most recent book is “The Girl on the Fridge.”
    Bernard Avishai, adjunct professor of Business at Hebrew University. He’s author of “The Hebrew Republic: How Secular Democracy and Global Enterprise Will Bring Israel Peace at Last.”
    Nadia Matar, founder of the Israeli settlers’ group — “Women in Green” –- which supports Israeli settlement of land captured in the 1967 War, and opposes the creation of a Palestinian state.

    Listen to this story

    And from Dissent:

    Michael Walzer
    “What is happening in Israel?” asks Michael Walzer. “As usual, no one expected, no one predicted, the massive uprising of Israel’s young people—joined last Saturday night by large numbers, amazing numbers, of their parents and grandparents. What started as a demand for affordable housing has turned into something much bigger.” Click here: TENT CITIES AND DEMONSTRATIONS

    Neri Zilber

    “It appears that the…Israeli public has succeeded where so many other outside actors have failed,” writes Neri Zilber: “to put real pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. With 150,000 Israelis all across the country taking to the streets this past Saturday to demand, in effect, government intervention to lower the cost of living and an increase in state welfare, Netanyahu is facing the stiffest challenge yet to his premiership.” Click here: THE TENT PROTEST: Israel’s Social-Democratic Movement
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