Israelis from America Support Deal with Iran

Israelis from America Support Deal with Iran

We, who grew up in America and chose to live in Israel, wish to express our support for the JCPOA. We believe that it offers the most realistic and pragmatic way to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, and makes an important contribution to stability and security in the Middle East.
We agree with the support expressed by former Mossad Head Ephraim Halevy, former Dimona scientist Prof. Uzi Even and former General Security Services Head Ami Ayalon, who said that the deal is “the best possible alternative from Israel’s point of view, given the other available alternatives”.
As people who are raising families in Israel, many of whom have served in Israel’s wars and who share the risks of living here, we are appalled and offended by the vicious and uncalled for attacks against Congressman Nadler, the claim that he has “blood on his hands”, is a “Nazi collaborator”, etc. We believe that Congressman Nadler and the other supporters of the deal which has been negotiated with Iran are voting in the best interests of both the United States and Israel. And we are happy to see polls which indicate that the majority of American Jews support the agreement.
We know that there are other concerns connected to Iran’s aspirations and activities in the Middle East that still have to be dealt with, and are convinced that they will be, with a combination of determined and wise diplomacy, backed by military strength.
To conclude, as dual Israeli-American citizens, we want to express our thanks to President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Secretary Moniz, Undersecretary Sherman and the leaders of Russia, China, the UK, France and Germany for negotiating this agreement, which we believe is in the best interests of the Israeli people, and of all people living in the Middle East.
Prof. Karen Alkalay-Gut, Professor Emerita, Department of English, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv/Rochester, NY
Dr. Gershon Baskin, Co-Chair of the Board, IPCRI – Israel Palestine Creative Regional Initiatives, Jerusalem/New York
Gary Brenner, Business Development, Kibbutz Hatzor/Los Angeles
Dr. Julia Chaitin, School of Social Work, Sapir College/ Kibbutz Urim/Detroit
Susan Darzy-Noy, Social Work, Tel Aviv/New York
Larry Derfner, Journalist, Modi’in/ Los Angeles
Ariela Erlich, Medical Information Specialist, Karkur/New York
Prof. Galia Golan, Emeritus Professor of Diplomacy and Strategy, Hebrew University, Ra’anana/New York-Washington DC.
Prof. Charles Greenbaum, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem/USA
Rabbi Vic Hoffman, Jerusalem/New Orleans
Dr. Ariel Hurwitz, Historian, Kibbutz Galon/New York
Rabbi Ron Kronish, Jerusalem/Miami Beach
Rabbi Jim Lebeau, Jerusalem/Lowell, MA
Harriet Lewis, Teacher, Translator, Editor, Tel Aviv/MA-New York
Ricki Lieberman, Consultant to Non-Profit Organizations, Jaffa Port/Manhattan
David Leichman, Kibbutz Gezer/New York
Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr, Professor Emeritus of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University, Jerusalem/New York
Deb Reich, Author, Jerusalem/New York
Lisa Richlen, Consultant: Organizational Development and Fundraising, Jerusalem/Bellevue WA
Becky Rowe, Editor, Moshav Gan Yoshiya/NJ
Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin, International Public Opinion Analyst and Strategic Consultant, Tel Aviv/New York
Hillel Schenker, Co-Editor Palestine-Israel Journal, Tel Aviv/Brooklyn
Daniel Sherman, Strategic Consultant, Modi’in/New York
Jay Shofet, Tel Aviv/New York
Marc Shulman, Pres. Multi-Educator Inc., Ramat Gan/New York
Aviva Weisgal, Early Childhood Education, Kibbutz Harel/California

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