Israel & US Jews help Haiti

Israel & US Jews help Haiti

Haaretz reports the following:

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has prepared a 220-member rescue team for departure to the disaster-stricken country, including an elite army corps [of] engineers and a field hospital to assist the casualties.

The military has leased two Boeing 747s of the El Al airline company to transport the team and equipment.

Seven Israelis thought missing were located late Wednesday and early Thursday. One Israeli, the daughter of late peace activist Abie Nathan, was still unaccounted for. …Read entire Haaretz article online.

Lilly Rivlin endorses Letty Cottin Pogrebin’s suggestion (see below):

Regardless of how worthy other relief organizations may be, I hope you’ll consider donating through American Jewish World Service. Here’s a link to their website where you’ll find a box that makes it easy to send money, which is what I’ve just done.

Click American Jewish World Service or cut and paste I’m especially proud whenever relief funds go to a non-Jewish cause in the name of the American Jewish community.

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