Israel-Palestine Symposium 2023

Israel-Palestine Symposium 2023

Points of Light in Dark Times: Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Endures!
Partners4th Annual Digital Israel-Palestine Symposium
Fall 2023

For those of us who yearn for a just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the current situation on the ground gives much reason for despair. The occupation deepens; a shared society between Israeli Jews and Palestinians seems but a distant dream. Yet in the midst of the current gloom, hope beckons in the form of ongoing, sustained dialogue between the members of both civil societies. For its 4th annual digital symposium, Partners for Progressive Israel brings together those Israelis and Palestinians who have not lost hope: at present they continue to meet, discuss, argue, clash—all the while maintaining a fundamental respect for the personhood of one another and the dreams they share. They keep a vision of both an end to the occupation and the rise of a truly democratic shared society within Israel itself. Over the course of select Sundays, beginning in October, we will hear firsthand from leaders of both communities. They will share peaks and valleys in their work–and their ultimate faith in sustaining dialogue, even in these dark times. They are points of light.

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