Incitement in the Halls of Knesset, Courtesy of Im Tirzu

Incitement in the Halls of Knesset, Courtesy of Im Tirzu

Initiated by MKs backed by “Im Tirzu”, the Knesset Education Committee held a hearing today full of incitement against Breaking the Silence, so much so that it could not have been managed better even by Joseph McCarthy himself. We have no plans to vacate the stage for Knesset members who want to scrape some more political capital off the backs of Breaking the Silence, and no intentions of keeping quiet when we name those same Knesset members as enemies. The soldiers of Breaking the Silence are helping the IDF maintain moral character, and can teach the right-wing MKs who incite what it really means to love your country.

This was first written by MK Zehava Galon here. At this link, you can find a video transcript of MK Zehava Galon in Knesset. Text translated by B. Lana Guggenheim.

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