How to talk about Israel (Con’t.)

How to talk about Israel (Con’t.)

The tone of Thursday night’s dialogue event was so polite that we had thought it marked the beginning of a constructive conversation. Meretz USA’s director, Charney Bromberg e-mailed his congratulations all around, remarking that “I hope everyone who attended felt, as I did afterwards, that they had sat around a grand family table where all were welcome and all could speak.”

To Phil Weiss he wrote in part: “You are a brave and thoughtful person and I was very impressed at your spirit of openness. … You and Dan [Fleshler] describe the boundaries and the core of an issue that is rarely well defined, much less well articulated. I hope we can take this further.”

Then we were blind-sided by Weiss’s unkind, even hostile (as well as inaccurate), version (posted on his blog) of what had transpired. I suggest that readers go to Dan Fleshler’s recounting of this event and that they link to Dan’s prepared text posted there. For further background on Mr. Weiss, you might checkout my posting of June 10 on his article in Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative (of all places) on how “Zionists” made him (NOT!) end his blog at the New York Observer.

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