‘Hitler Cannot Determine this Conflict’s Course’

‘Hitler Cannot Determine this Conflict’s Course’

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In these dark times when the Right wing is about to form the government of Israel, when the Arab Israeli minority has become more and more alienated from the body politic, the article below, from the Palestine – Israel Journal, is like a candle in the dark. It reminds us that we have to keep the flame of hope alive.

Adolf Hitler Cannot Determine this Conflict’s Course
by Ellis Weintraub and Ximena Vega

Several months ago, an Arab lawyer named Khaled Kasab Mahameed and the head of a Holocaust survivor organization were heading to Ramallah to make arrangements between the PLO and that organization. With the two men was a former PLO combatant who had spent three years in an Israeli jail.

After Khaled finished his studies in 2003, he had decided to create a museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust in his Nazareth law office. “I had some free time,” Khaled told us over coffee and cakes, “and I was politically active, so I began this museum.”

One year later, Khaled visited Jerusalem with his family and they visited the separation barrier. After taking a picture of his son at the wall, the Israeli army advised them to go home. This experience left him shaken.

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