Haaretz OpEd on Ben and Jerry’s

Haaretz OpEd on Ben and Jerry’s


Opinion | Ben & Jerry’s Aren’t Nazis and Their Settlement Boycott Isn’t Antisemitic
by Joshua Shanes

‘A dangerous, Nazi-like act of economic terrorism that dehumanizes the Jewish people’: Why Ben & Jerry’s tokenistic decision to pull out of West Bank settlements has triggered such outsized, unhinged and dishonest outrage

…Rather than getting on the performative “slam Ben & Jerry’s” wagon, pro-Israel opponents of the settlements should be celebrating any effort that emphasizes the distinction between the two regions, any effort that pressures Israel to end the settlement project while simultaneously legitimizing Israel within its internationally recognized borders.

Some groups, such as Americans for Peace Now and Partners for Progressive Israel, are saying precisely this. But too few are doing so. Mainstream coalitions like the Conference of Presidents refuses even to admit the relatively moderate J-Street…

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