From TULIP: Trade Unions Linking Israel & Palestine

From TULIP: Trade Unions Linking Israel & Palestine

Arieh here.  You’re invited to join the website of TULIP — Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine — and to join its mailing list.  This is from Eric Lee, a former American oleh and kibbutznik who runs TULIP’s website from London.  Take a look:

 10 news stories from Israel and Palestine that you probably haven’t heard of

Several times a week, the TULIP website ( ) has news about what’s happening in the labour movements in Israel and Palestine — and how unions around the world relate to that part of the world. 

Here are the stories that have appeared in the last few weeks:

  • Israeli port strike coming up?
  • UK: Union-backed “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” openly challenges Israel’s right to exist
  • South Africa: Anti-Israel protesters sing “shoot the Jew” at BDS demo
  • History made at Cellcom as company recognizes union
  • Histadrut: Netanyahu gov’t has dug in its heels, not engaged in good faith bargaining over ports privatisation
  • Histadrut leader backs opposition to Labour’s Yacimovich
  • Palestinian teachers’ union “confident” in Abbas’ promises
  • Global union hails Histadrut win in ports
  • Israel: Law passed to improve the conditions for contract workers
  • UK: Trade Union Friends of Israel to hold fringe event at the Trades Union Congress
You can read all these stories on the TULIP website at


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