Former Anti-Israel Radical’s Pro-Israel Book

Former Anti-Israel Radical’s Pro-Israel Book

A long article in the Jewish Daily Forward (originally published in Haaretz) focuses upon the work of Nathan Weinstock, a left-wing French anti-Zionist activist for most of his life who has become pro-Zionist.  He is interviewed now with the publication of the Hebrew edition of his book — published in France in 2008 as “Une si longue présence: Comment le monde arabe a perdu ses Juifs, 1947-1967” (“A Very Long Presence: How the Arab World Lost Its Jews, 1947-1967″).  It outlines the oppression suffered by Jews under Arab Islamic rule as dhimmis; Weinstock argues persuasively in the interview that most Jews fled to Israel because they were forced out, rather than because of Zionist conviction.

Then, without any transition by the article’s author, there’s a few paragraphs denouncing Weinstock and Zionism by a Mizrahi Israeli expatriate, Dr. Sami Shalom Chetri, who teaches Hebrew culture and Middle East studies at Queens College in New York:

“The Inconvenient Truth About Jews From Arab Lands: They Were Expelled”

Onetime Anti-Israel Radical Comes To Terms With Truth
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