Financial Times: Israeli Peace Activists Return

Financial Times: Israeli Peace Activists Return

Here’s an article I saw in the “Financial Times” which I thought would be of interest:

One Friday last October, a group of 24 young Israelis marched through the streets of Jerusalem to protest at the eviction of several Palestinian families in the city’s occupied east. …

Six months, dozens of arrests and hundreds of newspaper headlines later, the small band of Israeli peace activists has surprised itself by taking on the appearance of a full-blown political movement.

The regular demonstrations have broadened into protests against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land in general. Some Israelis also come to register their disapproval of police action against the gatherings, adding freedom of speech to the other grievances.

As a result, the protesters’ ranks are now studded with some of Israel’s most prominent intellectuals and writers, notably David Grossman, the author. The Friday demonstrations are attended by hundreds of people every week, with one rally in March drawing almost 5,000. …
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