Exit interview: Meretz leader leaves Knesset

Exit interview: Meretz leader leaves Knesset

Two articles below are must readings if you believe that the present Israeli government has taken Israel in the wrong direction. The first, an interview with outgoing Knesset member Haim Oron of Meretz, is a J’Accuse of Ehud Barak [he has given his seat to Zahava Gal-on, while remaining party chair]. I’ve held on to this article from Ha’Aretz for ten days because I felt I needed to write something that will encourage you to read it. It is a long piece which you need to read more than once.

[There is a much shorter piece excerpted from Gidi Weitz’s long interview: Meretz chairman: Barak is the most dangerous person in Israel. Oron: “Barak has caused harm to the Israeli left by making it appear there is no Palestinian partner for peace….”]

A companion piece was published in Ha’Aretz by Boaz Gaon and Jonathan Gurfinkel.  Also long and thoughtful, it needs to be read after you read the Oron interview. It may be the call to action that is so needed. Please take time to read both of these pieces.–Lilly

Haim Oron

Oron is one of the most well-liked members of Knesset and is known for his moderate, restrained style of speech. But that restraint was not in evidence when he spoke of the defense minister….

No hard feelings:

Ehud Barak is dangerous, Ehud Olmert was wronged, Marwan Barghouti should be freed, and there is hope that the Israeli left can get its act together. After 23 years in the Knesset, Haim Oron of Meretz is retiring to his kibbutz, leaving behind the smallest-ever number of MKs from the party he helped lead for so long.

Read this after you read the one above please: Charge of the left brigade By Boaz Gaon, Jonathan Gurfinkel:

While Israel’s right wing goes from strength to strength, dominates the Knesset and tries to push through anti-minority legislation, a new left-wing Zionist initiative is taking root in Ramat Gan. Does this idealistic bunch of activists stand a chance of turning the tide toward peace?

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    Thanks for sharing this article,Good to know about his actions and how he prepared in order to closed the interview in an appropriate manner.

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