Ex-Pres of Partners Lauded for Human Rights Activism

Ex-Pres of Partners Lauded for Human Rights Activism

Lawrence I. Lerner, a leading member of the Partners’ board and a former president of our organization, was profiled in an article online for his remarkable record as a leading activist since the 1970s for the rights of Soviet-era Jewish Refusniks.  He remains an advocate for human rights in the former Soviet Union today, currently serving as president and executive director of the Union for Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union (UCSJ).

Larry Lerner (left) in conversation with Zehava Galon (opposite right) and other Partners board members at recent J Street conference.

Among the kudos he’s received from this account of his work is from Dina Charnin, our most recent past president:

Col HaCavod Larry!
You are a hero, I really like how the article portrays you as fearless – truth to power!
Your dedication, perseverance over the long haul, unwavering belief in the values of human rights and democracy, outspokenness – all these characteristics are why you are so important in our fight for the heart of Israel!

And this is from Larry’s cousin, Michael Lerner, the editor-in-chief of Tikkun magazine: 

I’ve always been proud of you, Larry, my oldest cousin! Although growing up in Newark we didn’t spend as much time together as cousins should, I always thought you a wonderful person. Imagine my delight to get to know you as an adult when we discovered that we shared a deep commitment to Israel and for that very reason were critical of its policies toward Palestinians, and supporting peace movements there . . .

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