Settlements De-Legitimize Israel, Not the EU

Settlements De-Legitimize Israel, Not the EU

Zehava Galon spoke at the Haaretz Peace Conference today:

I do not understand how could the right-wing government be surprised by the EU initiative to mark settlement products. Could the PM and his right-wing government think it would be possible to convince the Europeans that the occupation is legitimate? That there is no difference between the state of Israel and the criminal settlement enterprise?

I said right now at the Haaretz Peace conference that the EU decision to mark settlements products, which are part of a widespread occupation economy, is not anti-Semitism nor is it hatred of Israel. It is merely an attempt to differentiate between legitimate sovereign State of Israel within the Green Line and the occupied territories.

It’s time for the Right-wing government to understand that occupation and conflict management carries an international price and an internal price. It is time that the people of Israel decide its worth sacrificing the international legitimacy of Israel for the sake of the settlements and the occupation.

Those who do not distinguish between the occupation and Israel are responsible for the de-legitimization of Israel.

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