Conversations – April-June 2019

Conversations – April-June 2019

The Israeli Left after the Election

On April 16, Partners for Progressive Israel hosted a webinar entitled “The Israeli Left after the Election” of April 9. Our panelists were Naomi Chazan, professor emerita at The Hebrew University and a three-term Meretz party Knesset member, and Yoram Peri, professor at the University of Maryland and a former political advisor to the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The discussion was moderated by journalist and broadcaster, Gilad Halpern, host of the English-language podcast, The Tel Aviv Review.

To view the webinar, go to https://www.progressiveisrael. org/what-we-do/conversations-with-israel-palestine/ israeli-left-after-the-election.

Jerusalem: Myths and Realities

On May 29, ahead of Israel’s annual “Jerusalem Day,” we hosted a conversation between Dr. Laura Wharton of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a member of Jerusalem’s City Council on behalf of Meretz, and Attorney Daniel Seidemann, the founder and director of the NGO, Terrestrial Jerusalem. Entitled, “Jerusalem: Myths and Realities,” the webinar sought to peel away the slogans concerning Jerusalem and discuss the city as it actually is. The conversation was moderated by journalist Jacob Magid, who covers the West Bank and the settlements for The Times of Israel.

To view the webinar, go to

Palestinian-Israelis in a Jewish State: Dilemmas of Identity and Politics

On Thursday, June 13, our webinar, “Palestinian-Israelis in a Jewish State: Dilemmas of Identity and Politics,” shed light on the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who make up one-fifth of the country’s citizen body. Our panelists were Thair Abu Ras, of the University of Maryland’s Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies, and Fadi Shbita, co-director of the Equality Policy Department at the Israeli NGO, Sikkuy – Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality. Dr. Anwar Mhajne, an Assistant Professor at Stonehill College, served as moderator.

To view the webinar, go to – https://www. israel-palestine/Palestinian-Israelis-in-a-Jewish-State/



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