Beyond the Checkpoint: PPI intern in Israel & West Bank

Beyond the Checkpoint: PPI intern in Israel & West Bank

Yael Fisher

Yael Fisher in foreground.

Yael Fisher is a sophomore at Wesleyan University, majoring in economics, history, and government. Yael grew up in New York but is a dual American and Israeli citizen. She is an elected leader of the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement and an active member of J Street U Wesleyan.

This summer she is in Israel as a PPI intern at Windows: Channels for Communication, a grassroots non-profit group based in Jaffa that develops and implements long-term educational programming for Israeli and Palestinian youth. Click here to read her colorful blog post about her group’s visit to the West Bank.

The photo featured above is of the Luna Park amusement center in Huwara, which Yael describes as “a small village in the West Bank that borders Nablus and is surrounded by four Israeli settlements.”

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  1. Danny Goldberg August 20, 2015 at 9:59 am - Reply

    I lived in Israel as a youth. My uncle has lived there since 1947.My sister lives there now, as do her nine children. I have family all over the geopolitical map.

    I will be visiting Israel and my multifarious family from October 16-29, 2015.

    What should I be sure to see?

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