Benny Morris on C-Span

Benny Morris on C-Span

C-Span 2 (“Book TV”) is broadcasting Prof. Benny Morris’s talk at a Brooklyn synagogue back in May, today (Sunday, August 3) at 7:00 PM. You can probably catch a rerun in the weeks to come and you will be able to view a video recording of it at the Book TV website during this coming week and weekend.

Morris was a little plodding in spots, but overall he handled himself well. Most of his talk is about his new book on the 1948 war. (In past postings, I have indicated how I applaud him as a historian while deploring some of his conclusions as a commentator on current events.)

Unsurprisingly, when questioned in the Q & A afterwards, he was pessimistic about the prospects for peace. I can certainly understand why he feels that way, but he exaggerates the extent to which the Palestinians have supported Hamas. He does not take into account that Hamas won only a plurality (44% ) of the vote in 2006 and that many of these voters were punishing Fatah for its corrupt and incompetent rule rather than supporting the rejectionist ideology of Hamas.

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