I don’t think Peter Beinart needs P.R. from me, but in the event you missed these articles about him, and his book, here are the links.  I liked Perlsten’s take in the Rolling Stone, the most.  I watched Beinart and Gordis in their infamous debate which was streamed.  Though I have little patience for Gordis, (I find his self-righteousness so off-putting that I stopped reading his emails) but in the context of the debate he appeared to win a few points; I think it is because he speaks from the point of view of someone living in Israel which gives him an advantage.

But that is precisely what Beinart does so well, point out the differences with those of us in the American Jewish community who are called upon to rubber stamp whatever policy Netanyahu is pushing.  Beinart has opened up the discourse among American Jews, and that is why the established mainstream Jewish community is fighting him with all its might.–Lilly

Politics: My Crisis of Zionism – and Ours by Rick Perlstein

Beinart, Gordis Debate In Front of Packed House by Dan Klein

 Defending Israel (and Waiting for a Miracle) by Eric Alterman  

Peter Beinart’s False Prophecy by Bret Stephens

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