Al Walaja update

Al Walaja update

“Stop the Evictions” Update:Good News for Al Walaja!

We recently informed you of the struggle by the residents of Al Walaja village to prevent the displacement of 38 families (some 300 individuals) whose homes are subject to demolition orders. These orders were issued because, since the war in 1967, Israeli authorities have failed to approve a master plan for the village and refused to grant building permits, making all new construction there illegal.

Now we have some hopeful news to report: Israel’s High Court of Justice, in response to a petition by Al Walaja, last week issued a six-month stay of the demolitions in order to allow the village and Israeli authorities to work out an agreement over a master plan. Such a plan would regulate construction in Al Walaja and override the demolition orders.

The High Court decision follows the tireless efforts by the people of Al Walaja and by peace and human rights NGOs on the ground, and in the wake of the appeals to the Israeli government by large swathes of the international community, including 50 Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

Partners for Progressive Israel continues to call for an end to the political use of construction permitting—not just in Al Walaja, but throughout Israel and the West Bank—and for the revocation of all discriminatory and politically-motivated orders for eviction and home demolition. We will keep you apprised of ongoing developments.

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  1. Dr. Ayala Emmett April 4, 2022 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    The Jewish Pluralist stands with Partners for Progressive Israel in support of Palestinian human rights.

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