Akiva Eldar on Meretz

Akiva Eldar on Meretz

Hat tip to chaver Paul Scham for citing this piece by Akiva Eldar in al-Monitor, calling it “fair but not terribly optimistic about Meretz.” The new Labor-Hatenua (Livni) joint list has captured momentum on the center-left, certainly not a bad thing if Herzog and Livni can form a progressive and peace-oriented coalition government, which would include Meretz.  

Yet Meretz is alone among the majority-Jewish parties to proudly proclaim itself as being on the left, even as most Israelis identify as “centrist” and eschew a self-identification as left-wing.  As things look now, this may curb the party’s strength to no better than its current six Knesset seats.  

This links to Eldar’s article:  http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/01/meretz-party-elections-left-wing-polls-labor-hatenua.html

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