Aaron Sharif’s Israeli Chatterbox: Our Government is on a roll

Aaron Sharif’s Israeli Chatterbox: Our Government is on a roll

This is from Aaron Sharif, an American who has lived at Gesher Haziv in Israel many decades,. Full disclosure, I was the head of Habonim in Washington, D.C. and Aaron was one of the chanichim (members in a youth movement). Even then I saw his predilections for tongue in cheek remarks. Here is his latest take on the decrease of democracy in Israel. Lilly

Aaron Sharif’s Israeli Chatterbox (http://aaronsharif.blogspot.com/)

Hello to friends, acquaintances, and to some whom I’ve yet to meet:

I know, this is a bit unfair of me. Having sent you a blog-letter just a few days ago…..here I am again. But sometimes things move fast and I get the urge to contact you once more. Bear with me….
Our Government Is On A Roll…….

OK…..it took a few months, but glory-be…….we finally got the new law passed by a comfortable majority in our Knesset. Our country is now better protected from the possible ravages of our enemies.

We began with small steps to further hamper the movements and speech of our local Israeli Arabs. The existing burden of inequality was insufficient. We needed to further display our indignation at their continued existence in a country meant by God to be ours and ours alone. So we passed a law further forbidding them to live in a variety of our communities. We passed a law to essentially forbid them to mourn their disaster of 1948.

We allowed rabbis who are paid Civil Servants of the Government to declare religious edicts forbidding the rental or sale of apartments and homes to our Arab citizens. We allowed rabbis who are paid Civil Servants of the Government to publicly condone a book allowing for the slaying of Arab babies because they would probably grow up to be our enemies.

We were also successful in leaving the door wide open to the promise of an expanded Greater Israel, by just about scuttling the two-state peace initiative with the Palestinian Authority. If previous governments demanded of the Palestinians to recognize and accept the legitimacy and sovereignty of our State of Israel, we added the demand that they recognize the State as purely Jewish. We were aware that this would be a dead-end street for the peace process. They couldn’t openly define us as such while 20% of our population is Arab. They told us to define ourselves without their involvement, but we were stubborn and refused to accept that. What an excellent ploy on our part. (By the way, we did not insist they recognize us as “democratic”.)

But we still had a problem. In the past we were able to ward off serious negotiations with the Palestinians while acts of violent terrorism continued. But for a number of years all that has changed. (set Gaza aside, as we have so successfully[?] done by our siege) The PA has succeeded in almost eradicating terrorist acts of Palestinians while adopting and encouraging peaceful means of dissent towards Statehood and independence. As a matter of fact, at last they somewhat learned the meaning and possible effectiveness of nonviolent resistance. Actually the greatest amount of violence came from our own dedicated Jewish pioneers who have sworn to aid us in the promise of a Greater Israel. How could we now continue to cry “Terrorism” as a means to delay negotiations? We found the answer. If the PA calls for a worker boycott of factories in the West Bank we will label that as “Terror” and punish it accordingly. After all, anything which disrupts our true purpose of creating an expanded Greater Israel is in fact “Terror” against our State.

And yet we had another problem….a bit more complicated. Arabs, whether Israeli citizens or Palestinians in the West Bank, can somehow be controlled and contained without causing a public furor. Jewish pests are somewhat different…..they’re Jewish. Human Rights and Legal-Aid Associations in Israel are manned by Jewish citizens, and they are giving us a bad name by criticizing us in public and before judicial bodies. They are often aided by individual Jewish citizens who are obviously out to harm us by condemning many of our actions, especially those acts meant to restrict the rights of Arabs. These are dangerous Jews who are giving us a bad name. A prime example is their attempt to hamper our drive towards a Greater Israel in the West Bank by calling for a civilian boycott of goods and services offered by our dedicated pioneers in the West Bank. They call it a passive tool of political dissent. We call it civilian “terrorism” by Jews who are traitors to their country.

We also found our own legal ways of dealing with these treacherous Jewish Human Rights groups and individuals. The answer: Legally enact laws which will prohibit and punish the actions of these Human Rights groups and individuals. And so we did…….our majority in the Knesset carried the day. Those Jewish back-stabbers will now be liable to heavy court action for the slightest encouragement of West Bank boycotting. Anyone in the West Bank can sue them for heavy financial penalties without even the need to show damage. Boycott suggestions by any non-profit group would lead to the loss of its taxation status for donations. Artists, actors and musicians who will refuse out of conscience to appear before audiences in the West Bank will be sued by our erstwhile pioneers and will also stop receiving any aid from public sources such as the Ministry of Culture.

We now have them all on the run. But we aren’t stopping there. We have a few more laws waiting in the wings for prompt action and enactment by our majority in the Knesset. Jewish citizens are mostly either for us or simply apathetic. But if Jewish citizens are actually against us, and can’t keep quiet about it, they are most likely traitors to their people and we will continue to find and enact legal ways of silencing their “terrorism”. That’s what democracy is all about, isn’t it?…..We are on a roll…..and nothing can stop us now…….also, God is on our side.

(Remember: tongue in cheek is not the same as foot in mouth.)

P.S. in a previous addition to my blog from Monday, February 14, 2011, I gave you the Israeli internet links to lists of West Bank products and companies which we cannot legally boycott. I wanted to refer you to my article in order to know which companies and products you should “NOT BOYCOTT”. Unfortunately I found the following announcement in my Gush Shalom link to the list:

“the Knesset adopted a law making the settlement products boycott campaign illegal, punishable with huge compensation claims from each and every company. We have lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court against this infringement of our democratic rights, but meanwhile we simply can’t afford to continue publishing the list of products.”

I therefore send you to another link, supported by the “Coalition of Women for Peace” based in Tel-Aviv:

This link tells us which companies are based in the West Bank and cannot be boycotted. Clicking on each name will give you the info regarding where what and how of the company. Personally I am trying to study the list under “Settlements’ Products” so as to know which items coming from the West Bank cannot be boycotted for fear of eternal and governmental damnation. I then intend to do the right thing.

I suggest and invite you to study the list as well.

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  1. Ron Skolnik July 13, 2011 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    It’s important to note that Coalition of Women for Peace’s list answers the question, “Who Profits” from the Occupation, and is not limited to settlement products. It also includes a large number of Israeli (Green Line) and international companies that profit from the Occupation by doing business with or servicing Israel’s presence, military or civilian, in the West Bank in any way.

    CWP is certainly not trying to hide this – it’s front and center on their website. But now that the ‘masses’ have woken up to boycotting settlement produce, it’s important to be aware of that distinction and make informed choices. In any event, CWP’s list is much larger than the boycott list promoted by Gush Shalom for precisely this reason.

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