A temporary respite for Sam Bahour

A temporary respite for Sam Bahour

The following is a follow-up to Gershon Baskin’s report of a week ago, “Sad Story of Sam Bahour.” It is an update by Sam Bahour himself.

A few hours ago, I returned from Amman to Palestine via the Allenby Bridge. After a three-hour wait by the Israelis and being told that an Israeli security official needed to speak to me, I was called to the immigration clerk’s window and asked about my wife and children.

Subsequently, I was given my passport with a three-month visa stamped in it. No security official ever showed.

While I waited I was joined by many friends who were passing from Amman to Palestine. Some sat with me in solidarity, others waited for their own approval to enter their country, yet others were sadly denied entry and returned to Jordan.

For me personally, and for the campaign, today marks a small indicator that our efforts are
bearing fruit, however, we are far from done. While in Amman, I met with 14 persons who have already been denied entry. Some cases are very sad, for example, a mother whose seven kids and husband are in Palestine and she, a U.S. citizen, was denied entry.

Later this week we will test a potential breakthrough that we have been working on and ask these folks to attempt to return to Palestine. Rest assured, we will not rest until access to Palestine is free and unfettered.

Again, I thank everyone for their calls, concerns and efforts. I only ask that we all re-
double our efforts to bring this humiliation and collective punishment to an end, once and for
all. Remembering the smiles and hugs of my daughters when they found me home after school – Sam

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