A `minor milestone’ for Israel’s Arab minority

A `minor milestone’ for Israel’s Arab minority

Our friend over at The Head Heeb again shares some interesting news … and so do we.
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Opening door
We now interrupt our regularly scheduled election campaign to bring news of a minor milestone for Israel’s Arab minority:

Rania Jubran, a 26 year-old lawyer from Haifa, is about to make history and become the first Israeli-Arab ever to be accepted to the prestigious Foreign Ministry cadet training course.
Jubran successfully passed a rigorous series of tests and evaluations and is due to start the course this coming April. If she completes her training, she will be the first Arab diplomat to be admitted to the Foreign Service through the course.
Jubran also happens to be the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Salim Jubran and a member of one of Israel’s most prominent Maronite families. She will not be Israel’s first Arab diplomat – Ali Yahya, who I had the privilege of meeting in Helsinki in 1997, was appointed ambassador to Finland a decade ago – …

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