When the ZOA decides you’re not Zionist enough…

When the ZOA decides you’re not Zionist enough…

PPI’s Adam Eisler here. I recently published the following article in the Times of Israel:

May was a special month for Israel supporters: Israel’s Independence, the Israel Day parade, Israel Walks—it’s a time for unity regardless of one’s place on the political spectrum. The unity at the center of these events, however, eludes some. Instead, they use this time to compel others to conform to their understanding of Israel. Unfortunately, this year is no exception. Many right-wing groups have chosen to use this time to exploit community events celebrating Israel by turning them into opportunities for browbeating, exclusion, and ignorance.

A couple of weeks ago the Zionist Organization of America appealed to the American Zionist Movement to have Partners for Progressive Israel removed from the AZM. Alas, this is not the first time the ZOA has waged a campaign against PPI. Recently, the World Zionist Organization’s Supreme Court rejected a ZOA appeal to expel us from the WZC elections. That campaign failed so a new one must be mustered. Apparently, wasting the time and resources of the WZO and the AZM is part of the ZOA’s raison d’etre.

Thus a hackneyed campaign is waged with equally hackneyed shibboleths. The ZOA claims that PPI’s call for the selective boycott of settlement goods is “discriminatory” (read anti-Semitic).

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